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Organic Dog Treats Your Best Friend Will Love!

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SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Dive In And Eat The Whole Bag!


I just want to send you a bunch of smoochies from my 4 dogs Bella, Stella, Pixie and Peppie. Even though they are all rescues and are part or all Chihuahua, they love your treats- all of them. I have to hide the bag where they can't reach them or they act like a little Army, one sneaks it out and rips it open and then all 4 dive in and eat the whole bag!

So keep them coming and they look forward to trying any new flavors in the future."

Thank you,
Donna Williams

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Can I Have MORE Please?

"You so are so kind to me, sending not only several samples, but even a big bag full of the yummy Chia treats! When I opened them, Caramelli was laying on the sofa, so I took one treat out and smelled it - she DARTED off the couch and stood by me, sitting down politely (yes, we did train for this, treats are only given when sitting nicely, which of course does not always work....). So she sat down without me asking!! Which means she REALLY wanted it!

Needless to say, the first "little star" was crunched away in no time. She then kept sitting and licking her lips, which is her way of saying: I am still hungry, can I have MORE please! You must know that she has been a poor eater lately, she is not so interested in food and treats - so this made me very happy!

The Yorkie stopped after the 4th treat, which is a record for her. Suffice it to say - they are very much approved and indeed very appreciated.

Thank you very much, Caramelli loves them!"

- Caramelli

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

She Loves Them!

"Thanks for the dog treats...My dog is a VERY picky eater and she loves them, so I can attest that they are as good as advertised!"

- Phil

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

I Can Honestly Endorse SavvyBeast® Treats 100%!

"Am always skeptical about any dog treats but after lots of research I can honestly endorse SavvyBeast® Treats 100%. My 'little' Francesca demands only the best and the best is SavvyBeast® Treats. They are very healthy for my "little" Francesca..I recommend them!!"

- Gus Davis

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Truly Healthy Product!

"My dog Muddy, a chesapeake bay retriever, loves Dogstars®. Glad to see there are some truely healthy products out there."

- David Lofstad

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Good luck DogStars®!

"Chloe is waiting patiently for her DogStar® Treats! She loves them because they taste so good but her mom loves them because they are so good for her!!! Thanks for making an organic treat that's good tasting and good for them! Good luck DogStars®! They will be under the tree for Christmas this year! "

- Michelle Catan

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

The Only Treats She Will Eat!

"My girlfriends golden retriever spits out all the treats the Vet gives her. Since I know Roger I decided to give her the DogStars®...she loves them, they are the only treats she will eat. Thanks very much for a great product to keep Maggie happy. Aloha!"

- Carl Roesler

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Loves Your Treats!

"Truffle loves your treats :)

-Verena Erhart"

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

My Dogs Go Crazy For DogStars!

"I got a bag of the Beef DogStars® treats and my dogs go crazy every time they see the bag. they really love them and best of all they are healthy treats for my doggies. "

- Scott Maxwell

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

My Neighbor's Dog Loves Them Too!

"I gave these treats to my two Jack Russells and they loved them. I also made the mistake of giving some to my neighbor's Labrador through my backyard fence and now he always stands in the same spot calling me with his cute face so I will give him more."

- Randy Mark

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Quest Loves These!

"Quest LOVES these! The minute I tore the bag open, he started working for his treats. He was so excited I don't think I've seen his rump hit the floor so fast for a sit or quite a flashy rollover in some time, and his spins were practically going into orbit! Thanks! We have plans to order some more."

- Kassandra Crapps

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Sweetness Agrees!

"Sweetness agrees, DogStars® are a treat made for dogs of all sizes."

- Dawn Wetmore

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Healthy And Delicious!

"Maggie and Bo used to get all kinds of treats... But when Maggie developed food allergies, she was itching and scratching no matter what goodies we gave her. We had to stop all treats for months!! Now that we have discovered lamb SavvyBeast® DogStars, Maggie and Bo are in heaven -- and no more itching!! These healthy and delicious treats are wonderful!!"

- Kate Dehorn

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

Will Buy More!

"I got a bag of Savory Beast Treats in the Turkey flavor. Our Jack Russel "Lucky" could sense the smell of something good. First time we gave it to her she went crazy. Now when she wants a treat she knows right where the Turkey treats are...Will buy more when these are done!"

- Ricky

SavvyBeast® Testimonials

LOVES His SavvyBeast® Treats!

"Sparky absolutely LOVES his SavvyBeast® treats ~ all of them!! :)"

- Karen Lachapelle

Thank You For Making Such A Healthy Product!

"My Havanese, Luli is especially fond of SavvyBeasts® Dogstars® in all flavors. I plan to give a package to each of my favorite four-legged friends so they can be as happy as Luli when she is given a treat. Thank you for making such a healthy product for our pets. And, the packaging is great fun."

- Elizabeth Maier